November 16, 2002

Artisan Expo

Chestelm Health & Rehab

534 Town Street

Moodus, CT 06469

Chestelm is a beautiful place with large Victorian buildings and meticulously groomed lawns.  Although the place is physically beautiful, I found Chestelm’s best attraction is its heart --the staff who put so much into the care of its residents and guests.  I was elated when Chestelm accepted me for their annual Artisan Expo. 


Since this was my first show, I had no idea of how you would receive my jewelry.  Prior to this event, my only feedback was from relatives and friends who are always overly kind.  Needless to say, I was very anxious and second-guessing whether my efforts and ideas would be for naught.  Well, your response was overwhelming –it seems you liked what you saw and bought more than I hoped for.  Despite the cold November rain, some of you even drove home to get your checkbooks so that you didn’t miss the opportunity to fill your heart’s desires!  Thanks to everyone who bought something or had comments.  I’ve noted what you said and will take everything into consideration as I design more items for future events.


It goes without saying that my husband, Paul, plays a big part in my success; but special thanks also go to Candy Nero from Chestelm who suggested to the rest of the jury that they consider my craft for their show –she welcomed me warmly; and to the most precious jewel, my sister Louise who helped in more ways than I can count. 



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