Web Builders

Web Builders is a site that catalogs How Tos, Cook Books and Tips for the building and maintaining of Web Sites.  From the Beginner to Expert.  From having your site hosted by others to Hosting sites on your own server.  From Intranet to Internet.   From Unix to NT.   We will have Local pages and links to other sites with pertinent information.  If you Have any information in this topic,  Or you know of other locations with information on this topic, E-Mail and Let me know something about it.  Or, If you would like to help or contribute anything in this effort, you can E-Mail with your suggestions.  I plan on starting two Mailing Lists.  One for the possible Community effort to build and manage the site and one to share site topic information.   I also plan on having a discussion group for those that don't want the traffic of a Mailing list that will share site topic information.

One of the first things that needs to be done, is to create a layout for the opening page and the layout of the site.  Graphics used on the site and to promote the site.

Web Builders has a sister site at http://www.CoSeCo.com/WebStuff that is dedicated to providing links to the resources required to build a free website.   Please stop in a visit and leave your footprints.

I would like to thank you for your co-operation in the effort to make this a community project.

Paul Coleman