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You can control the music.
If you can not turn the sound on and off, you will need a midi plug-in

This site is old and some of it's content is outdated.  You will still find much of the content presented here still relevant.  I go through it from time to time and remove the dead links I find, but other than that it has not been updated in years.

We have moved and taken on a new name and appearance.  Welcome to our new location.   Thanks to all that have stopped by to check it out.

Send me an , using the submission format, if you have any Freeware or Public Domain Applications, JavaScripts, Java Applets or Graphics or a new Subject that you would like to see listed at this site.

I need your help! If you know of any products that are Freeware or Public Domain, Please send me an with the name and location of the product. I will add it to one of the pages here. Thanks, Paul

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