Welcome to the future Cross Browser Site.

I have read many books that suggest methods for cross browser compatibility and found them way to complex.  This is partially due to difference way the two major companies delivered their browsers.  I wanted a simpler solution.

My approach was to start by extending the DOM when possible first.  This results in no use of the eval statement.  When one browse exposed properties and the other a method to do the same thing,   I extended the DOM by adding the method to the browser that used properties.  When both exposed properties, but different spelling, I added  set and get methods to both.  Too bad JavaScript does not provide properties with underlying code.

The first module is xbdx.js (Cross Browser DOM Extension). 

Functionality is added with the second module xapi.js (Extended API).

As this is all BETA at this point all of this could change including the names.

I want to thanks Martin Honnen for providing me with help via some news groups with some problems I had getting Netscape to do some of the more difficult solutions.  Specifically with a way to get Netscape to work with a text menu example.

I will post the module along with some examples very soon.