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We would like to invite you to exchange Favorites with us.  Exchanging Favorites is an excellent way to increase traffic to our sites.  If you have an Artisans or Crafters related site and would like to exchanges favorites with us, please
1). if you like our site, add a Favorite to us on your site using the template below.  This is not required to get a link to your site but is appreciated.   Then
2). submit your site to our Favorite pages using the form below.  Please note, we will not link to any sites that could be considered offensive or inappropriate. 

1). To add our favorite to your site, copy everything  between the lines in the box at the upper right or copy the example at the lower right and paste it to your Favorites page.

If you use categories, we would like to be placed in "Handmade Beaded Jewelry", "Beaded Jewelry" or "Jewelry" in that order of preference.  The finished link to us should look like this:

Heart 'n Art: Handmade Beaded Jewelry of Gold, Silver and Gemstones
Unusual original designs of handmade beaded jewelry with handmade sterling silver, gold vermeil, gold filled and gemstone beads for everyday wear.

2). To submit your site to be included on our Favorites page, fill in the form below and click the submit button.

Request Type:

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Craft or Artisan Group:  What online Craft or Artisan Groups do you belong to?

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The site description: This is the text below the anchor text, there is no limit, the more content the better.  I reserve the right to trim it if needed.

Comments: Anything you would like to tell me or anything else you might want included in your listing.

Site submission guidelines.

We will only accept Favorites to sites which you:
1. Sell handmade or handcrafted items (made by you).
2. Are a resource for craft related products or for crafters.
3. Sell craft related supplies or any supplies crafters use.
4. Do not use any form of link farm.
5. The Favorites page is on your site and navigable from the main page of the site.

We reserve the right to choose not to exchange favorites to any sites:
1. That could be considered offensive or inappropriate.
2. That take an inordinate time to load.
3. That are not yet listed at Google.
4. That spawn any pop-up or pop-back windows.
5. That have more than 100 Favorites on a page.
6. That have favorites that are not related to the Crafters or Artisans community.

I will visit your site in the near future, and will inform you only if
your Favorite is added to our site.

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