This site was set up to demonstrate my ability to work with Active Server Pages (ASP) and Perl.  The Catalog link is an ASP example.  The ASP page displays information stored in a Microsoft Access Database using an ADO connection. The working buttons are CDs, LPs, and Videos.  The other buttons will bring you to this page or a copy of this page.  The two links (Next and Previous) appearing at the bottom of the page will navigate you back and forth through the entries.  A link at the top of the page (Search Entire Catalog)  takes you to a Perl script that searches an Access Database using an ADO connection.  Enter the search criteria and select the Search button to view a list of Catalog items that meet your criteria.  This demonstration works best in Internet Explorer.  Netscape Navigator will work but currently has a problem with the Category Menu.

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Thanks for checking out this demonstration!