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Paul Coleman

(Software Engineer)

9 Honey Hill Road

East Haddam, CT  06423-1708

Phone 860-526-3475



To streamline and automate computer system processes in a collaborative environment.


·         Twenty years experience designing, writing, and supporting computer processes

·         Eleven years experience managing a business

·         Demonstrated ability to coordinate multifunctional operations in a technical organization

COMPUTER SKILLS                                                                                                                             


·         PCs – Visual Basic, VBA, ASP, VBScript, Access Basic, HTML, JavaScript, Assembler, Java, Visual C++ , Perl

·         Main Frame – BAL, Clist, Dialog Manager, COBOL


·         PCs – OLE 2, DDE, DAO, RDO, ADO, RDS, SQL(MSSQL, Oracle, Sybase), Business Objects, Client/Server, nTier, COM, DCOM, ActiveX, UML


·         PCs – Access, Word, Excel, Microsoft Office, FrontPage, Visual Studio, Visual InterDev, Visual Modeler

·         Main Frame – TSO, SPF, IMS

Operating Systems:

·         PCs – DOS, Windows, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, NetWare

·         Mainframe – MVS, MVS XA, MVS ESA


·         PCs – IBM Compatible 8086-80686, Pentium

·         Mainframe – IBM 360, 370, 338x, 339x


1993 to current        Owner, Computer Services Contracting; 9 Honey Hill Road; East Haddam, CT 06423-1708

Projects:                    Developed various Internet- and PC- based systems for small businesses and internal use.

·         Internet Email Auto Reader (internal) – Visual Basic, Access, Microsoft Internet Control Pack, ActiveX, TCP IP, HTML, POP, SMTP

·         World Wide Web Site (internal) – HTML, Frames, JavaScript

·         Mortgage application tracking system – Independent Mortgage Originator - Access Basic, Microsoft Office and WinFax PRO

·         Equity asset assessment system (internal) – Visual Basic, Access Basic, Microsoft Office

·         Contact tracking system (internal) – Microsoft Access

·         Built and continue to manage a LAN (internal) – Windows NT 4.0 Server (PDC & BDC), Windows 98SE Clients, Router w/NAT (internet sharing), wireless (802.11a & 802.11b), CAT5, TCP/IP, Netbeui

·         Built and continue to manage multiple websites (internal) – FrontPage, HTML, DHTML, ASP, Microsoft Access, JavaScript, VBScript, DNS

·         Manage several Internet email accounts (internal) – DNS, web based email manager

·         Built and manage a database driven catalog website (www.HeartnArt.com). – FrontPage, ASP, HTML, MS Access, Javascript


2001 to 2002            Technical Manager, Picker Business Systems, Inc., Rocky Hill, CT – Software Company

Project:                     Supported and made modifications to existing code base, Built and managed a peer-to-peer office network with shared Internet access, Managed multiple websites, managed internet email accounts,  Provided technical assistance to office personnel.  The job ended when the owner closed the business.

·         Supported and made modifications to a product called Masterpak, a billing application for healthcare businesses – Visual Basic, Access, DOS Basic

·         Supported and made modifications to a product called Alsapak, a services tracking application for healthcare businesses – Visual Basic

·         Built and managed a peer-to-peer office network – Windows 98SE, Router w/NAT (internet sharing) , CAT5, TCP/IP, Netbeui

·         Provided technical assistance to office personnel – Windows 98SE, MS Office Professional, Symantec SystemWorks, Symantec Internet Security

·         Built and managed multiple websites – FrontPage, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, DNS

·         Managed several Internet email accounts (internal) – DNS, web based email manager


2000 to 2001            Consultant, SNET, North Haven, CT – Telephone Company

Project:                     Designed and built a stand-alone application sales people used for providing estimates to prospective business customers  – Visual Basic v6.0, created ActiveX Controls, MS Access Database


1997 to 1998            Consultant, Northeast Utilities, Waterford, CT – Nuclear Power Plant

Project:                     Project Manager for six document tracking and reporting systems – Access, Access Basic, Excel, Word, Word Basic, OLE, DDE, ODBC, Sybase 10, Novell API

·         Developed system to support the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) mandate to gather, track, and report the association of all documents needed for the plant’s operations.  Document topics ranged from legal and design requirements to plant design.

·         Developed system to track and report on the analysis and status of legal requirements for the plant.

·         Developed system to track retrieval and shipping of documents requested by independent reviewers with various reports.

·         Developed system to track report discrepancies found by the independent reviewers.

·         Developed system to log, track, and report NRC requests for information.

·         Developed system to download Sybase 10 procedure control data to Access and generate various reports.               


1996 to 1996            Consultant, Capitol Region Workforce, Hartford, CT – Federally subsidized company

Project:                     Developed Application and Contract Tracking and Reporting System – managing worker skills assessment, training and job placement services – Access, Access Basic, Excel, Word


1995 to 1996            Consultant, CIGNA, Bloomfield, CT – Insurance Company

Project:                     Member of development team for Information Inquiry System for and about current and prospective Providers and Members – Visual Basic Version 4.0, Windows NT Workstation Version 3.51, Exception Logging to the NT Event Log


1994 to 1995            Consultant, State of Connecticut, Hartford, CT – Office of Policy and Management

Project:                     Grant Management System For Elderly and Disabled Renters – Visual Basic, Access Basic, Word Basic via OLE from Access Basic, OLE and DDE, Microsoft Office


1993 to 1993            Consultant, Serendipity Recordings, Guilford, CT – Mail Order Record Distributor

Project:                     Inventory tracking and invoicing system – Visual Basic, Access Basic, Word Basic via OLE from Access Basic, OLE and DDE, Microsoft Office


1982 to 1992            Lead Systems Specialist, Travelers Insurance Company; One Tower Square; Hartford, CT; IMS Group/Computer Science Division:  Designed and coded systems productivity enhancements – BAL, Clist, Dialog Manager


1979 to 1981            Middlesex Community College; Middletown, CT; A.S., Information Systems


HOBBIES and INTERESTS                                                                                                                    

Computers, Internet, coin collecting, gem collecting, swimming and snorkeling, birds, traveling, and meeting people. Would like to SCUBA some day.


Connecticut - Approximate circle from Hartford area down RT. 84 to Marion across RT. 691 to Meriden down RT. 91 to New Haven across RT. 95 to Stonington up RT. 395 to Danielson. See map.

See a narrative of my IT Career written by my wife Rhodie.

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